World Records held by Amazing Indian’s. 

World Records held by Amazing Indian’s. 

India is the land of wonders. But have you ever wondered why?
Indian’s hold  world’s most amazing records to thier name.


Longest speech marathon by actor & director Vickrant Mahajan that spanned around 48 hours 31 minutes at Jammu & Kashmir.


Fastest time to tie a windsor knot. Deepak is the resident of Gujrat who broke the previous best record held by Cyprus based Sam Dove. He tied the knot in 17.91 seconds.


World largest biryani by the hard work of 60 chefs. With more than 12000 kgs of rice & vegetables.


Resident of Jaipur Ram Singh Chauhan holds the record of worlds longest Moustache, which is 14 feet long.


Jyoti Amge holds yhe record of worlds shortest woman.


Avtar Singh Muni resident of Punjab holds yhe record for longest turban in the world, which weighs around 100 pounds and more than half kilometers long.


Radhakant Bajpai holds the record of worlds longest ear hair,which measures 13.2 cm.


Wedding worth a whopping USD 60 Million. Daughter of Steel Tycoon Lakshmi Mittal back in 2004.


Actress Manorama holds the record of acting in more than 1000 films.


Pavan Ahluwalia holds the record of worlds fastest henna artist. She painted 511 unique armbrands in one hour.
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