Why companies discouraging employees not to use whatsapp 

Why companies discouraging employees not to use whatsapp 

​Companies are discouraging the use of WhatsApp for office communication, saying the instant messaging app owned by Facebook can only remain an informal and unofficial mode of interaction. They fear losing sensitive data because of loopholes in the app.

With over a billion global users, a tenth of that in India, WhatsApp has to put its weight behind enterprise communication with features that allow users to create groups, and share videos and documents. It promises “end-to-end encryption” of all data shared over the platform. Stil many companies are not convinced for making it as official mode of communication. 
If someone loses her  phone then sensitive data can be misused as companies do not have any backup for whatsapp; as they have in case of employees using  internal mode of communication through emails and enterprise chat application. 

“We encourage employees to use internal communication and messaging platforms for work-related interactions. WhatsApp can’t be that,” said Arijit Sengupta, senior HR director, Adidas Group India.
It is often seen that it creates grapevine if misused and can lead to wasting of time of employees in gossips. 

Apart from that “It enhances team-bonding, and breaks barriers of hierarchy, gives liberty to an executive to share his views with the senior leadership in a free and frank way,” said Shantanu Das head HR India. 

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