West Rajasthan is worried from ‘ghost’ who cuts away womens hair

West Rajasthan is worried from ‘ghost’ who cuts away womens hair

Terror is writ large on the faces of people in rural areas of western Rajasthan. Reason: Someone in the dead of the night, when everyone is fast asleep, chops off women’s hair here. So far no one has been arrested as the act is done so slyly.
On Tuesday at Pokhran and Nachana area in Jaisalmer district, four incidents of cutting women’s hair took place. Not only this, there were signs of trident ‘trishul’ made on their bodies with ‘sindoor’. Villagers are seeing this incident as an occult practice and there is an atmosphere of fear all around.

Earlier on Monday too, at Chelak and Nachana area in Jaisalmer, three such incidents were reported. Though police has said this is rumour but they have begun investigations into it. According to the information given, some people at night chop off women’s hair while they’re sleeping, leading to a fearful atmosphere everywhere. The person after cutting hair immediately runs away and it has created terror among people.

On Monday night at Shivpura slum in Pokhran, hair of a woman sleeping in her house was cut and mark of trishul was made on her stomach. However, no one was found performing this act. After this incident, the woman for five hours was lying unconscious outside her house. In the last 2-3 days many such incidents have taken place and people are a worried lot.
The father-in-law of the woman said that around 2am, some invisible man entered the house and cut the hair of his daughter-in-law, making a sign of ‘trishul’ on her stomach and then ran away. After this incident, she was lying unconscious for quite some hours. The family after this incident is quite scared. At Sankadia and Satyay village in Nachana area in the last 24 hours, three incidents have taken place. According to sources, on Monday late evening, a woman from a minority community at Sankadia village was working when she suddenly fell down, when she got up, her pony tail had been cut. On Saturday night also, in Satyay village such an incident was reported.
SP Gaurav Yadav said there is no need to be scared. Police are investigating and trying to find out about people who are spreading rumours. He has appealed to people to not believing in superstitions.

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