Top 5 Tinder Hacks to Boost Your Tinder Results

Top 5 Tinder Hacks to Boost Your Tinder Results

Saturday, Late in the evening I was sitting in a Starbucks in Delhi when I couldn’t help but eavesdrop over a conversation between a group of guys and decided to write this post.
They were complaining about the number of matches on Tinder. So Men, here I pen down 5 things you could do to pimp your Tinder Profile.
The Top 5 Hacks to Boost your Tinder Profile.


Picture Quality: Do one thing, open up your tinder and browse through profile of some fellow men. All pictures you could see are either blurry or poorly cropped or highly edited and with lot of filters. Pictures play an important role in your Tinder Profile and The type of pictures you choose decide the direction in which the thumb would swipe. The Pictures should be of HD quality, preferably taken from a DSLR and professionally edited.


Your Bio: Yes, unlike us men, women do read the bio. Clichés, Overused quotes and Spelling Mistakes are a No Go. Your bio should be Funny and Witty with a tinge of Cockiness and It should be congruent to your personality. Just copying off the internet wouldn’t help. Below is My Bio, it is funny, Witty and with a narcissistic feel to it. I have pictures with many dogs and I am a huge animal lover hence it is congruent with me. In the end I go a step further to qualify the girl with ‘Please be a good conversationalist’ statement.

 Have a Variety of Pictures: Show your Dynamic side men. Displaying 5 pictures of yours with different clothing in same place won’t get the job done. Make sure the first picture is a good close up shot which highlights your jawline. Second one should be you all dressed up, preferably in Suit or in Formals. Women like men who have some passion in their life, so the third picture should be you doing one of your hobbies while fourth one should be with a pet animal which shows you are a compassionate human being. If you are an Adventure Junkie, slip in a picture of you doing an adventure sport.


Selfies: Gym Selfies, Mirror Selfies or Selfies of Any kind are a huge No Go. Too many selfies indicate that you have no social life or can even make the girl question whether you engage in picture worthy activities or not. Mirror Selfies are definitely not a Man thing at all and selfie sticks, Well, how old are you bro?


Trying to Show off your Bratty Side:Being a bit cocky and funny goes a long way but being a douchebag cuts your chances of getting laid by leaps and bounds. Cut down on the pictures where you are cljearly drunk, doing drugs, pictures with obscene gestures and pictures of you getting intimate with other women. Women consider these as red flags. Women like men who stay in control and lead the events.

Here you go guys. Pimp up your profile and swipe with confidence for soon ‘It’s a Match’ will flash across your screen.

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Dev Mehta has worked in field of finance for a while but human interactions always made him curious. After cofounding and helping his friends to establish one of the first dating and lifestyle company in India, theBROthing and taking it to the platform of tedX,  he now has his own dating company, DateSharp that focuses on helping Men get an upper hand in the dating game overseas. You can always find him in coffee shops talking to random women and making their day. You can reach him on his mail for your dating queries or just show him some love. You can also follow him on Instagram @devmehta001.

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