Top 5 Sexy & Hot Hollywood Movies you shouldn’t Miss

Top 5 Sexy & Hot Hollywood Movies you shouldn’t Miss

Hollywood movies are always considered to have more hot and sexy scenes than average Bollywood movies. However, you may have watched a lot of Hollywood movies and you might have expected more and more out of them. Today, we have a list of top 5 hot and sexy movies of Hollywood which you should add to your watch list if you have missed any.

1. Last Tango in Paris

The movie was however released way back in 1972, but it garnished a lot of controversies because there were many intimate scenes in the movie. The movie may have old direction but can surely make you fall in love with its scenes.
2. Basic Instinct

The movie was released in 1992 by director Paul Verhoeven and starred Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. The erotic thriller movie is based on the investigation of a murder and followed with a relationship with the prime suspect.

3. Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction is an American psychological thriller directed by Adrian Lyne. The film revolves around a married man who has an affair with a woman who becomes obsessed with him. The film was a great success and came out as the second highest-grossing movie of that year in America.

4. American Pie

American Pie is a teen comedy film directed by brothers Paul and Chris Weitz. It would not be wrong to say that the film was a grand fun comedy, however, the American Pie was a bit more bold movie after the name of comedy.

5. Body Heat

Body Heat was also an American erotic thriller film directed by Lawrence Kasdan. The movie was a directorial debut of Lawrence Kasdan but the movie turned out to be a great success of that time.
So, these are top 5 hot and sexy movies of Hollywood which you should watch atleast once in your life time. Share your views below and name your favorite Hollywood movie of all time.

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