Solder Rishi kumar: the real one man army

Solder Rishi kumar: the real one man army

Escaping death twice, he displayed exemplary bravery as he prevented three terrorists from causing greater damage after they stormed an army camp in Kupwara on Thursday.

Gunner Rishi Kumar stopped the advancing terrorists, who had already killed a Captain and two other soldiers, from penetrating deeper into the camp which is located about 100 km from Srinagar.

Rishi Kumar, who was on sentry duty, was hit by a bullet in the head but escaped death because of his protective gear.

“The bulletproof patka saved him, but he fell down as the shot’s impact caused a whiplash effect and he lost his balance,” an army spokesman said.

Kumar was back on his feet in seconds and started firing at the militants again, ringing two of them with bullets and killing them instantly.

While shooting at the third one, his ammunition got exhausted and he picked up one of the militants’ gun outside his sand bunker where he was also shot by the militant.

Kumar’s colleagues helped to take him to the hospital after he was shot, where paramedics started the initial treatment and told that he was out of danger.

Colonel Saurab Joshi informed that the operation lasted 35 minutes and Kumar’s timely action saved the lives of many soldiers. However, the militants killed three soldiers, including an officer, before they reached to Kumar.

The attack was similar to one of the Uri attacks, where 19 soldiers were killed when militants entered the army camp at dawn along the Indian-Pakistan border in Kashmir last September.

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