Not Able to Take the Insult for Being Thrown Out, This is how Om Swami Reacts After Going Out

Not Able to Take the Insult for Being Thrown Out, This is how Om Swami Reacts After Going Out

 Oh well, like we all know Om Swami has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house for throwing his pee on Bani and Rohan.  Bizarre indeed!  It seems Swami is not taking the sudden disqualification nicely, and can do anything to present a bad image of the entire BB team.

Since the very first day he entered the house, Om Swami has been giving statements that have attracted the news headlines. From his promise to help Salman find his love interest in to his conversation with Deepika Padukone where he shared his experience of teaching a woman lesson against exposing by kicking her, Om Swami has always been in the limelight. In fact, the controversies around him date way back, since the day he accused a woman, verbally and physically on air.

Swami, self proclaimed God, has been one of the most hated among the members of the house by not only passing derogatory comments against women but also getting physical with inmates during the task. He left everyone awestruck when he peed on national television, it was considered as the most dirty act ever.

But hey hey!  This one is filled with surprises. Now he has crossed all the limits by throwing his pee on fellow inmates. Because of this, he was asked to leave the house immediately, but look at the audacity of the man, there was still no buzz in his ears and he preferred to stay still at the place until the security was sent in to escort him outside.

And even this was not enough for him, he has also given interviews in the various publications calming Salman Khan is an ISI agent.  Above all, now that he has been asked to not be the part of BB10 finale, according to a report he also says “Main Finale Hone Nahi Dunga”

Let’s see now what a bizarre thought has he got on his mind to stop the finale to happen.

(image source: Indian Express)

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