How Much did Your wedding Cost?

How Much did Your wedding Cost?

The concept of ‘Yashraj Films’ wedding has come down to off screen as the term called ‘Big Fat Weddings’. In the recent years such weddings have gain huge popularity. Bringing up the whole new concept of weddings in India, such weddings include ‘Destination weddings’, ‘thematic weddings’ etc. For Indians weddings have always been a mega event. Weddings, if observed across India, vary according to the religion, state, etc; but they vary the most according to the status or the pocket size of the people.

Indian weddings today have become a business gaining opportunity than the early traditional Indian ceremonies, they used to be. For the newly-rising rich class and booming upper middle class, weddings today have become a medium to display opulence.

Invitations accompanying valuable gifts have become a trend in the top class wedding scenarios in India. Tonnes of imported flowers, top chefs being flown in from New York or Tokyo and festivities spread across multiple cities have become almost commonplace.

No wedding today is complete without minimum of three different cuisines that include continental, Chinese, north or South Indian etc.

One of the new trends is to use helicopters instead of the traditional white horse or decorated coach for the bride and groom.

People feel no absurdity on spending million on a wedding dress as well which in turn has given way to many new and amateur designers. The amount spent for such Big Fat weddings has always been considered to be any amount that exceeds more than 25 lacks. The men from the industry says it’s around 5 crore. On the same time when they were asked for their charge for the same on a single day of the wedding the amount rises from 90,000 to 10, 00,000 and above.

Well, the notable point here lies, according to a report by PTI, in order to prohibit extravagant and wasteful expenditure, Lok sabha has introduced new bill which puts cap on the total spending at the wedding.

If the expenses for a wedding go above Rs 5 lakh, the family will have to contribute 10 percent of the total expenses to the wedding of girls below the poverty line.

The bill is past following the lavish wedding of ex-BJP minister G Janardhana Reddy’s daughter Bramhani, soon after demonetization hit the country. Reddy spent around 500 crores for the wedding.

Now, after the bill by Lok Sabha, it would definitely be a funny experience to see how these dramatic elite Indians would tackle the situation to yet present a flamboyant wedding to match up the society standards. “Warna Log Kya kahenge!!”


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