UP election towards interesting turnaround

UP election towards interesting turnaround

UP is all set for the final match which is to be conducted on 8th march, On the semi-final day i.e on the 6th phase of polling all the parties BJP, Smajwadi-Congress alliance, and BSP set there performance on the pitch of Varanasi.

Smajwadi-congess alliance where strategizing to bowl out BJP in home ground of PM Narendra Modi by organizing a joint road show of Rahul Gandhi, Akilesh Yadav, and Dimpal Yadav with further gugllys by Prashat Kishor, BJP on the other hand playing its masterstroke and counter attacking  the alliance by organizing a road show of Narendra Modi from BHU to Viswanath temple and Kal Bhairav a rare open road show by a prime minister in decade. Narendra Modi is further believed to have three day stay at kashi, as this time it wont be a cake walk for BJP. Mayawati on the other hand conducting a rally later evening signalled that she can run any one out and she cannot be taken lightly. 

The voters of 40 constituency of 7th phase of election had one of their busiest day and more action is expected in upcoming days. The result on 11th of march will decide who won the cup and who became the man of tournament, moreover from the first view the decider will be between the Tilak XI vs Dadhi XI but the elephant can shower rain and make it a tie.

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