Life is rough at times, you have to handle it positively: Mohit

Life is rough at times, you have to handle it positively: Mohit

Bollywood actor Mohit Madaan, who was last seen in Raj V Shetty’s ‘Love Exchange’ believes that as long the script allows and the character is interesting he will be open to all sorts of roles.

Jaideep Pandey in conversation with Mohit:

How was your experience working with Anant Mahadevan?
It was a positive experience working with Anant Mahadevan. He’s the kind of director who knows exactly what he wants and believes in the new age of simple story telling. You get to learn a lot from him. He also maintains a good sense of humor.

Tell us about your character in “Aksar 2”.
It’s a pivotal role whose motive, like other equally important characters, is to make easy money by hook or by crook.

How was the experience of sharing the screen-space with Zareen Khan and Gautam Rode? Did it make you nervous?
I think that Zareen is a very comfortable person to work with. She is very supportive and a good actor herself. I remember between the scenes we used to maintain our sense of humor and crack jokes to keep the mood lighter on set. And I can say that it felt good working with my co-actors. It never made me feel nervous.It’s about making yourself feel comfortable and learning from the experiences.

What brought you into acting?
It’s my passion. I love the idea of playing different characters, as it allows you to challenge yourself and continue to increase the level of your performance.

‘Real Talent is not getting its due’. How far do you agree?
Each individual may have a different opinion in regards to this. I believe it’s about being at the right place at the right time. If you’re talented enough, somewhere or the other you’ll be recognized, but you will never know when until it happens.

Does being young in any industry gives you more chances to play many roles of different shades?
An actor never ages. Regardless of being youthful or older you can play as many roles as you like with different shades. Given that you’re willing to put in the hard work.

Are there any roles which you won’t do or will never accept?
As long as the script and my character is interesting, I’ll never deny any kind of role.

The Best Part of your Job?
Every film you do feels like a new life.

As an outsider, do you feel that industry is unfair to outsiders?
Life is rough at times, you just have to handle it positively. Maintaining a positive and calm attitude is much needed. It’s all about patience.

The Best Thing about B-Town.
It’s unpredictable.

Lastly, tell us about your upcoming projects.
Shooting for a festival film at present. There are other commercial projects ahead.


Favorite singer
Arijit Singh.

Dream destination

Your favorite quote?
Free your mind. The rest will follow.


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