This Kolkata Restaurant is a shame to our Country

This Kolkata Restaurant is a shame to our Country


Gone are the days when Indians were not allowed in a lot of places. Today we have progressed to the level, where we talk about caste, class, colour and gender equality. But, the owners of a restaurant in Kolkata ‘Mocambo’ are still stuck in the British era and not ready to move forward.

This Kolkata fine dine, locate in Park Street, suddenly gained popularity for all wrong reasons. Not only they denied entry of a customer (Dilashi Hemnani), who wanted to treat her driver for his good service, but also insulted them to walk away. The only fault of the customers seeking a seat at ‘Mocambo’ was that the driver was not dressed properly.

“We do not have a dress code. But at least a person should be neat and clean. He was having roadside jhalmuri, walking around and grazing people. That is not acceptable. We told her (Dilashi Hemnani) we cannot give her driver a table, but we can give her one. We’ve such high standard guests coming here, it’s a fine dining restaurant, We cannot have such a roadsider coming and sitting here. How could you have a roadsider coming in to your restaurant? This is not a dhaba.” Well this is what ‘Mocambo’ has to say when asked about the recent incident.

Now, saying anything about their status is totally a different story. The funny part of the incident is that, since Dilashi took to social media to let the world know about the unacceptable behaviour of the restaurant, the news has gone viral and has definitely brought a lot of people in front of the restaurant. For a change, this time it’s not to book a table but to protest for its closing.


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