Did Gurmehar incident show social media place of violance ?

Did Gurmehar incident show social media place of violance ?

Social media, where it’s continuous expansion is helping in transforming information and circulating bulletin is now turning out to be place of threatening, scandalizing, and violence. Structure is used for backbiting, terrorizing propagandizing and for manipulating facts. 

Recent example of Gurmehar Kaur, where after the ABVP and AISA, SFI scuffles, posted a picture against the incident, Social media was ramped with opinion on the post, the situation bum med when one of her video which was filmed some month earlier for peace from war where one of the slides “Pakistan didn’t kill my dad war did” was used by some persons unhappy with Kaur and claimed it be anti-national. 

Social media flooded with opinions and to make the situation more verse minister, sportsperson, and celebrities from different sectors jumped into and scrambled their thoughts without any sense of  responsibility, celebrities who are known and respected for their work even crossed their limit in defaming and defending Gurmehar Kaur, it seemed as if it was desire of cheap publicity that has mounted their head, or it was dark side of their personality. Some of them even took U-turn later and claimed everyone has their right to express  , these public personalities have many backers their opinion on something makes the affair more vibrant.

 The happening caused huge implication on 20 year common girl and Gurmehar Kaur and was taunted, mocked, bullied and even threatened which forced her to leave Delhi and even her family was provided security, she even had to deactivate her social accounts. There has been many such situation happening in recent past which rises question, are we behaving responsibly on these platform? Do celebrities need to be more conscious before expressing on any topic?

Gurmehar also got many supporter from different section of society which gestured a positive civic sense some even while defending broke the barriers of moral expression. Overall the scenario turned out to be as a street fight where people seemed grousing and abusing each other.

We have to understand that every citizen have their freedom to speak and express and to protect its dignity is responsibility of government and every citizen of society. This type of incident have questioned the double effect of social media, people active on social media neither should be conscious on their word but also should take active part in stopping the negative and aggressive expression.

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