Foreign Bulls have Questionable Characters: Om Prakash Dhankar

Foreign Bulls have Questionable Characters: Om Prakash Dhankar

Ministers of Haryana have always maintained their name in the media for some reason or the other.  Be it Haryana’s education minister Ram Bilas Sharma for inviting Digambar monk Muni Tarun Sagar to address one of the Haryana Assembly or any other Haryana minister for their comment on rape victims or women dress code.

This time the responsibility of maintaining that status is taken by Haryana’s animal husbandry and dairy minister Om Prakash Dhankar, when, while speaking on the issue of stray cattle in the assembly, he gave the statement questioning the character of the foreign bulls. According to the TOI report, he said, “Jaisa wahan ke kai mulko mein character hai, waisa he inka character hai.” “foreign bulls are more aggressive, they violate more animals, including buffaloes, because they don’t have the character similar to local bulls.” He continues.

Well, dear Mr Dhankar, we are not really sure how you specify the character of a woman or an animal, but your statement has definitely made your mentality questionable, outraging many animal lovers in India and abroad. So, good work in maintaining Haryana’s political position in media.

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