Dhola-Sadiya india longest bridge to be inaugrated this week

Dhola-Sadiya india longest bridge to be inaugrated this week

The Dhola–Sadiya Bridge, which scheduled to become operational from 21 May 2017, will be the longest bridge in India It spans the Lohit River to connect the states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and is 9.15 kilometres (5.69 mi) in length. Its Construction began in 2011 under the aegis of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in public private partnership (PPP) and will be inaugurated on 21st May by Prime minister Narendra Modi . It is 3.55 kilometres (2.21 mi) longer than the Bandra Worli Sea Link in Mumbai, making it the longest bridge in India.

Guys lets See some Unique Features Of This Bridge :

  • The bridge is constructed 9.15-kilometre-long, 12.9-metre-wide on river Brahmaputra between Dhola and Sadia Ghats


  •  This will help in increasing  border trade between Arunachal and other South ASEAN Countries.

  • From Dhola Gaon to Sadiya Islampur Tiniali through Parsuram Kund bridge approx. travel time will be 8 hours and through Brahmaputra river ferry water service it takes about  4.50 hours but know the same journey through new project will be only 30 minutes.


  • For the Brahmaputra river after Kaliabor bridge in Central Assam throughout the 375 km of river bank there is no bridge for transportation across Mighty Brahmaputra river. In the upstream after 120 km there is a bridge available for crossing the same but it travels through difficult hilly tarrain on north bank. At present all the transport are being carried out through water only. Hence this Dhola Sadiya bridge project will enhance the entire transport system of North Assam.This bridge will serves important logistics for Military personnel for Indo China border at Arunachal Pradesh.

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