Billionaire Dad sends son to Kerala to work as ‘aam aadmi’ 

Billionaire Dad sends son to Kerala to work as ‘aam aadmi’ 

In an effort to wean his son from a life of silver spoon privileges, a Gujarati Diamond merchant and proprietor of a Suart based Rs 6,000 crore company with presence in 71 countries, persuaded his only son to go to Kochi incognito and survive on odd jobs for a month. 

Dravya Dholakia (21). doing MBA in the USA  and on a holiday in India, arrived in Kochi with Rs 7,000 (to be used in emergency)  and three pair of clothes. 

“I gave him three conditions : I told my son that he needs to work to earn his money and he couldn’t work at place more than a week ;that he can’t use his dad’s name nor his mobile phone nor 7,000 given from home. I wanted him to understand life and how the poor struggle to get a job and money. No University can teach these life skills except experience “,  Savji Dholakia, proprietor of Hare Krishna Diamond exports, who was in headlines gor gifting cars and flats as bonuses to his employees. 

Dravya accepted the challenge and descided to go to a place unfamiliar with him, and language would be new to him and search for a job. He didn’t knew Malayalam and Hindibis not spoken there. 

He got his 1st job in a bakery in Cheranelloor. 

Then he worked at a call centre, a shoe shop and even a McDonalda’s outlet in the city earning 4,000. “i never worried money and here i was struggling to get a meal worth Rs 40 and needed to get another Rs 250 to stay in lodge. 

Before that he was rejected from 60 places, as know body knew him who he was.  After several rejections he understood the value of job these days for a living. 

Sreejith K,  a finance professional stumbled on Dravya and took to him immediately.  ” I met him at bakery shop and noticed something unique in him. However, as my colleagues warned me against employing him, i didn’t respond to these calls.  After a week i received a call from Dravya’s  company CEO  thanking me and informing me of Dravya’s real story” Sreejith said. 

Source :TOI 

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