Amazing this women and Gorilla watches video together

Amazing this women and Gorilla watches video together

Who doesn’t like a good baby animal video! Well, you have to add this gorilla at a US zoo to the list because he seems completely hooked. A picture of a gorilla at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky staring adorably at a phone screen while watching videos of baby gorillas with a woman has the Internet going ‘aww’. The picture was shared by Instagram user Lindsey Costello on June 30 and has since grabbed the attention of many. While the original pic has received over 900 ‘likes’ on the photo sharing app, several versions of it are also being shared on various other social media platforms.

“My new friend and I enjoy watching videos of baby gorillas!” Ms Costello says in the post accompanying the picture. She has also hashtagged it ‘#mylifeiscomplete’ and ‘#hereallylovedthisyall’. The photo shows Ms Costello leaning against a glass enclosure housing the gorilla and both of them can be seen staring into her phone.

According to, Ms Costello saw a woman showing the gorilla the videos and tried the same. She even said that the gorilla interacted while watching the clips. “If the gorilla wanted a different video, he would pick up his arm and swipe over. If I turned the phone away from him, he would stretch out his neck to be able to view it. It was incredible!” Ms Costello told

The picture, since being shared, has received a lot of love online.

“That is adorable, thank you for sharing the moment with the world,” says one Instagram user. “This made my day,” says another.

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