7 Things You Should Never Wear To Gym

7 Things You Should Never Wear To Gym

Workouts and exercise are an integral part of the modern day lifestyle, owing to hectic demands of both personal and professional life. And while hitting the gym is an essential part of your daily routine, it is advisable to follow some caution with what you wear, in order to have an effective workout. We have put together a list of things which you should completely avoid when you go to the gym the next time. Read on to know more.

1.Shorts that are too short
Yes, you read it right. While shorts are comfortable apparel, they can be a source of distraction while working out at a gym. Anything that makes you conscious while you work out should be avoided. To have a hassle-free workout without any inhibitions, avoid shorts and instead go for full-length bottoms. They also help you when you missed the appointment with the beautician and still want to hit the gym.

2. The daily routine inner wear
Workouts entail a large amount of physical movement. That inner wear you wear daily to the office or for that casual outing is a strict no-no for a workout. A nice sports inner wear would do the trick here. So make the right choice ladies!

3. Cottons are a big no
While it is a great idea to wear natural cotton clothing to ward off the summer heat, the fabric can be a disaster during a workout. This is because cotton does not take care of the sweat which comes with the territory of any rigorous workout. Instead of cotton, synthetic fabrics with sweat absorption qualities are the ideal bet for the gym.

4. Accessories to avoid
Accessories such as jewellery or metallic watches can be a deterrent to an effective workout. They not only interfere with the exercise routine, but can also lose their sheen and get damaged because of the sweat. For watches, if you really cannot do without one, a sports watch can be a good choice for the gym.

5. Skip tight fitting clothes
Tight fitting clothes should be strictly avoided when it comes to a workout. Body-hugging clothes not only hamper physical movement during exercise, but also restrict the free circulation of blood. Therefore, to have a healthy and comfortable workout, keep aside your tight fitting clothes before hitting the gym.

6. Oversized music gear
Music can do wonders to a workout, but not so much when you opt for oversized headphones for your workout. An out of proportion headphone will not only be a burden on the head while exercising, but will also hamper the body’s mobility. So to have an effective workout session, go for decent sized earphones that are easy to manage.

7. Moisturisers and lotions
Even though you may have a history of dry skin, moisturisers, and body lotions should be avoided when going to the gym. Slippery hands and arms can make it difficult for you to handle the gym equipment. So being cautious of this fact will help big time.

We are sure that keeping in mind these small but significant tips will make your workouts more fruitful. Happy exercising!

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